I, Jay Kim with Jay Kim Photography, (“Releasor”) grant permission and consent to the Norman North Soccer Booster Club, players, friends, and family (the “Releasee”) for the use of the following photograph(s) as identified below for presentation under any legal condition, including but not limited to: printing, publicity, copyright purposes, illustration, advertising, and web content: Soccer photos taken during 2021 Season, in March 2021 - May 2021, and Senior Night photos taken on 4.8.2021. I understand that there shall be no royalties for the photographs used. I understand that with my authorization below the photograph(s) may never be revoked. Images will be made available for at least one year on this url, after which point, photos may be removed or archived. We, the Releasor and Releasee, have understand and agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions. ~Jay Kim 4.1.21 Jay Kim Photography www.jaydkim.com jay@jaydkim.com 405-226-9850

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